Updated 13.09.2023


I was born in Joensuu.
I live and work in Helsinki, Finland.
I am mother of one daughter.

Academic Studies

2010- Ph.D. Student
Aalto University - University of Art, Design and Architecture Helsinki, Art Department

2002 Master of Arts
University of Art and Design Helsinki

1999 Master of Science in Economics
Helsinki School of Economics

Other Art studies

2013- Advanced Studies in somatic movement
2006- Studies in Contact Improvisation in Germany and Finland
1995-1996 DanceLab - A full year workshop on contemporary dance. Helsinki.

Solo Exhibitions

2022 Valka Museum of Local History, Latvia. 24 Moments from the Archive. 14.10.-5.11.
2017 Gallery Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki. 8.3.-30.3.
2017 Joensuu Art Museum, Joensuu. 6.2.-28.2.
2016 Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki. Gabs and Interruptions. Together with Anni Laakso, Henna-Riikka Halonen & Bodily Exercises Production. 14.10.-6.11.
2016 Optica, Center for Contemporary Art, Montréal, Canada. Days and Ideals. 23.1.-19.3.
2015-2016 Galleria Kopio at the University of Lapland, Rovaniemi 7.12.2015-7.1.2016
2015 Y-galerii, Tartu. Imagining the Future. 18.9.-11.10.
2014 Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia. Our Personal Archives. Together with Liina Siib. 17.9.-29.9.
2014 Aboa Vetus Ars Nova, Turku, Finland. What There is to See. 11.9.-2.11.
2014 Organ Kritische Kunst, Berlin. 19.4.-30.4. Such Thing as Society 2.
2014 Finnish Institute, Stockholm. 12.3.-13.4. Such Thing as Society.
2013 Pori Art Museum. 07.06.-15.09.2013
The Forest is Young and Full of Life.
2012 Moderna Museet, Stockholm 3.3.-21.3. The Forest is Young and Full of Life.
2010 Optica, Center for Contemporary Art, Montréal, Canada. Life Must be Alive. 16.1.-20.2.
2008 Cable Gallery, Helsinki, with Janne Virkkunen. What am I, Who am I, Why am I. 2.11.-30.11.
2008 MUU Gallery, Helsinki. Stakeout. 29.5.-30.6.
2007 The Museum of Anna Ahmatova, St. Petersburg, Russia. Home Is a Poem.29.9.-21.10.
2006 Kunsthaus L6, Freiburg, Germany. Capitel four – Das vierte Kapitel. 28.4.-28.5
2004 MUU Gallery, Helsinki. About stories with open enclosure.28.2-13.3.
2002 Gallery Atski, Uiah, Helsinki. Paintings and drawings.16.8-29.8.

Selected group exhibitions

2023 Botkyrka Konsthall, Sweden. I Matters of the heart – en resa in i konstsamlingen. 11.3.-27.5.
2023 Kuva/ Tila, Helsinki. Exhibition of the Time and Space Program at the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki.
2022 Galleria Sinne, Helsinki. coming to terms.
Together with Giovanna Esposito Yussif and Karina Griffith. 26.8.-2.10.
2022 Lithuanian National Gallery of Art. Communicating Difficult Pasts. Curated by Ieva Astahovska and Margaret Tali. 29.4.-28.8.
2020-21 Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga, 27.11.2020 - 7.2.2021. Communicating Difficult Pasts. Curated by Ieva Astahovska and Margaret Tali.
2020 Kaunas Photogallery, Lithuania. The Muse of the Greenhouse. Curated by Jana Kukaine. 25.7.-30.8.2020
2019 30.10.-20.11. Citation. Project Space, School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Leeds.Curated by Azadeh Fatehrad.
2019 Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki. Research Pavillon #3 info lab. 25.10.-17.11.
2019 The Research Pavillon, Venice, during the 58th Biennale of Venice, Sala de Camino, Giudecca. 9.5.-28.8.
2019 Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki. Sharing Notes (Feminist Gathering). 10.1.-3.2.
2018 CCA Derry-Londonderry. Lavish and judicious. 11.8.-6.10. Curated by Mirjami Schuppert.
2018 Tokyo National art Gallery, Japan. Exhibition of jury selections of Japan Media Arts Festival. 13.6.-24.6.
2018 Viborg Library. Film screening as a part of the exhibtion Then/ Now - perspectives on Memory. June 6th.
2018 Valga Museum, Estonia. What you see? What do you wan't to see? curated by Tanel Rander. 3.4.-3.5.
2018 Rosphoto, The State Museum and Exhibition Centre for Photography, St. Petersburg, Russia. Then/ Now – Perspectives on Memory. Curated by Marketta Haila. 14.12.2017-25.2.2018
2017 Heinola Art Museum, Finland. State of Art – Vielä hetki lapsena. Curated by Marketta Haila. 10.6.-3.9.
2017-2018 Seinäjoki Arthall. State of Art - Kotikulmilla. Curated by Marketta Haila. 18.11.2017-21.1.2018
2016-2017 Visavuori, Valkeakoski, Finland. State of Art (The Finnish State Art collection 60 years). Curated by Marketta Haila. 30.9.2016–5.2.2017
2016 Tallinn Kunstihoone, Estonia. Silence/ Darkness curated by Anneli Porri.27.08–09.10.
2013 Fiskars, Finland. Kipinä. 12.5.–15.9. Curated by Otso Kantokorpi.
2012-2013 Helsinki Art Hall. Artists 2012. 1.12.2012-7.1.2013
2012 Cable Factory, Helsinki. Art Fair. 13.-16.9.
2012 MUU gallery, Helsinki. Antidote 5. 5.3.-26.8.
2012 Gallery of Fine Arts, Helsinki. The Palm Tree is on Fire (Prototype). 21.6.-15.7.
2012 Botkyrka Konsthall.Biograf.3.4.-22.4.2012
2012 The National Art Center,Tokyo. Exhibition of awarded works at Japan Media Arts Fest. 28.2.-4.3.
2011 Gallery at the University of Lapland. Beyond Private and Public. With Kalle Lampela, Eemil Karila. 17.10.-3.11.2011
2011 Botkyrka Konsthall, Sweden. Fittja Open. 10.9.-14.10.
2010 RsProjectspace, Berlin. Antidote. 27.11-22.12
2010 Honkahovi, Mänttä, Finland. Path.6.10-18.12.
2010 Cable Factory, Helsinki. Art Fair Suomi. 28.8.-5.9
2010 Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki. Take Care - Politics of Emancipation. 9.4.-25.5.
2009 A home exhibition at Punavuori, Helsinki. Private Universes. 17.-30.5
2008 Wanha Satama. Art Fair Helsinki 18.-19.10.
2008 Cable Factory, Helsinki. Art Fair Suomi. 12.-21.9.
2008 Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, Vaasa, Finland. Artists' 113. annual Exhibition. 25.9.-25.10.
2008 Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, Vaasa. MOPE - Movement to performance. 19.-21.8.
2008 Cable Factory, Puristamo, Helsinki. Swap/Vaihto. 9.9.-19.9.
2008 Bureau Gallery, Manchester, GB. Swap/Vaihto. 18.7-3.8
2008 Cable Factory, Helsinki. Summer Exhibition of the Artists at Cable Factory.2.7.-19.8.
2008 Finnish Labour Museum, Tampere, Finland. Conflict. 14.6.-17.8.
2008 University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain, Digital Media. 17.4.-20.5.
2008 Gallery Mànes, Prabue, Czech Rebublik. Brave New World. 10.4.-4.5.
2007 Cable Factory, Helsinki. Summer exhibition of Artists at Cable Factory.
2007 Gallery Maa-Tila, Helsinki. National Landscape- Now! 18.1.-2.2.07
2006 Kunsthalle Helsinki, Finland. Left! - 70 years of Kiila. 15.12.06-7.1.07
2006 Oulu Art Museum, Oulu, Finland. Counter narratives. 11.11.06-7.1.07
2006 Kerava Art Museum, Kerava, Finland. Counter narratives. 29.8.-29.10.
2006 Christopher Merian Stiftung. Basel, Switzerland. Open House. 20.-21.5
2005 MUU Gallery, Helsinki. Trialogy. 25.10-13.11
2005 Gallery Titanik, Turku. Trialogy 9.12.05-1.1.06
2005 Gallery Platform, Vaasa. Trialogy 15.1.-31.1.
2005 CableFactory, Helsinki. Muu Café , Art Fair Suomi. 29.9-9.10
2004 Joensuu, Finland. Art center Ahjo.
Young Finnish Artists exhibition, Rajaton , Borderless – Drawings, 20.10-21.11.
2004 Helsinki, A Scene for an ideal art – AesthEthics of Renuniciation. 13.– 20.12
2003 Vantaa City Art Museum, Finland. Daily life. Contemporary Finnish
Photography and video. 26.4.-30.9.
2002 Vapriikki, A museumcenter, Tampere, Finland. Backlight2. International Symposium of Photography and video. 19.10.-1.12.
2000 Galleria Atski, Uiah Helsinki. Photographs 3.4.–14.4.

Theatre, Performances, Concerts

2022 Taidekapina, Musiikkitalo, Helsinki. A piece for a solo cello and a video by Max Savikangas. Played by Pinja Nunez, libretto by Sonja Saarikoski. Video Jaana Kokko. 23.10.
2022 Luznava Manor, Latvia. Art Picnic. A performance together with Laukku. 7.8.
2018 Strange Attractors, Vapaan taiteen tila, Helsinki, 7.4.
2012 Kiasma Theatre at the museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki. Social Movements. Visualization for the performance Social Movements by Jenni Koistinen, Laura Mustomaa, Aune Kallinen, Seidi Haarla, Pirjo Häkkinen and Anne Nimell. 9.-23.5.
2011 Theatre Takomo, Helsinki. Visualization for the performance National Project by Aune Kallinen and Laura Murtomaa. 15.-20.5.
2010 Kiasma Theatre at the museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki.Visualization for the performance National Project by Aune Kallinen and Laura Murtomaa. 15.-16.10.
2009 Suvilahti, Helsinki. Visualization for the Performance Juhlat by Helsingin Taiteellinen Teatteri. Dir. Aune Kallinen. 20.9.-17.10.
2009 Kiasma Theatre at the museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki. Life like - A Performance by Aune Kallinen & al. Visualization 25.3.-29.3.
2004 Theatre week at Mikkeli, Finland. Photo Triptychs – Visualization for the theatre performance “A house of fashion” produced by Helsinki Student theatre, dir. Aune Kallinen
2004 Helsinki Student Theatre. Photo Triptychs – Visualizationfor the theatre performance “A house of fashion” produced by Helsinki Student theatre, dir. Aune Kallinen
2004 Art Hall – Tallin, Estonia. 8.-9.7. Performance weeks. Writing as Preformance.
2004 Paide, Estonia. 10.7. Reading as Prehearsal – The second part of the Performance.
2004 Forum Box, Gallery in Helsinki. 15.5. Writing performance: Writing as
Preformance – The first part of the Performance.

Videoworks shown in screenings or festivals

2018 CCA Glasgow Contemporary Love: Personal and Political. Screening together with Hamza Halloubi and Fernando Sanchez Castillo. Curated by Marge Monko. 12.11.
2018 BIEFF – Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival
Match 26th – April 1st, 2018
2017 Kino Sõprus, Tallinn, Estland. Film Noir together with Arnis Balcus and Nicolas Boone and the students from the Estonian Academy of Art. 15.2.
2014 Kuopion Vilimit. Kuopio Film Festival. 2.-5.10.
2014 Savonlinna Inernational Nature Film Festival. 22.-24.8.
2013 Kairo Video Festival, 25.9.-7.10.
2013 Tampere Filmfestival, Finland. National competition. 7.3. & 8.3.
2012 Tahto Artistic Research Seminar, Theatre Academy Helsinki 23.5.
2012 Moderna Museet Cinema, Stockholm, Sweden 3.3.
2012 Japan Media Arts Festival – Jury Selection at d-labo, Tokyo Midtown, Japan 22.2.-4.3.
2012 Japan Media Arts Festival, TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, Japan 22.2.-4.3.
2011 Cartes Flux Festival, Helsinki. 14.-16.10.
2010 Gallery 91 sqm, Berlin, Germany. 29.8.
2010 Neues Kino, Basel. 16.6.
2010 Kumu, Tallinn, Estonia. Take Care - Poltics of Emancipation. 13.4. and 15.5.
2009 Stratford-upon-Avon, UK. Falstaff International Film Festival, 14.-20.11
2009 The Cable Factory, Helsinki. Esityspannuhalli. 4.4.
2009 Bhimtal, Uttarakhand, India. Carnival of e-creativity 27.2.-1.3.
2009 The Cable Factory, Helsinki. View 2009 - Videofestival for Finnish Media Art. 27.2.-1.3.
2008 International Biennial of Graphics, St. Petersburg.28.11.
2008 The Cornerhouse, Manchester. 15.7
2008 Andorra, Helsinki. View 2008 - Videofestival for Finnish Media Art. 24.-26.5.
2008 Finnish Institute at Paris, France. A stream of Electrons – (La Récite), 7.-10.5
2007 Andorra, Helsinki. View 2007 - Videofestival for Finnish Media Art.
2006 Kunsthalle Helsinki, Koukkuja vasemmalta. 15.12.-7.1.07
2006 MUU gallery, What a Video, Helsinki. 6.10-12.11.
2006 MUU gallery, Muu café, Helsinki. 22.9.-1.10.2006
2005 Huuto Gallery, Helsinki. 28.10
2005 Kiasma, Contemporary Art museum, Helsinki. 30.9
2004 Kiasma, Contemporary Art museum, Helsinki. 10.12
2004 Bergen Art Hall, Norway. Videoart from Nordic region. 6.-8.12.
2003 Gallery Leena Kuumola, Helsinki. Club-evening 7.12.
2002 Hanasaari culture center, Espoo. 4.12.

Other selected artistic activity

2014 Feminist Tea Party. Organ Kritische Kunst, Wedding, Berlin.
2014 Finnish Institute, Stockholm. Feminist Tea Party. What can we learn about racism through feminism? 4.3.
2010 Theatre Takomo, Helsinki. Invitation on Willing to Think. A seminar organized by me. 16.5.
2005 Kiasma, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki. Kokemus ja reflektio -
A serie of public lectures and discussions organized by me.
2003 An institute for Finnish culture in Stockholm, Sweden.
The night of arts happening. Sauna-bus –project with Janne Virkkunen and Heikki Tolonen.
2001 Muu Ry. Dispensing with formalities. A city space art project. Helsinki 1.4.-15.4.

Talks and discussions (selection)

2020 LCCA Summer School, Kuldiga Artist Residence, Latvia. Negotiating Gender in the Baltics and Eastern Europe. 31.7.-5.8.

2020 Prisms of Silence. Symposium. Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn. 21.-22.2.

2018 CCA Derry-Londonderry. Artist talk and screening. 15.9.

2018 NSU Summer Symposium, Fårö, Sverige.29.7.-5.8.

2018 NSU Winter symposium, Riga, Latvia. 1.4.-4.4.

2017 Virtualities and Realities, RixC festival, Art Science festival. Riga, 20.10.

2017 Artistic Presentation. NSU Summer symposium, Saulkrasti, Latvia. 25.7.

2016 Days and Ideals. Open Lecture at the Estonian Academy of Arts. 7.12.

2016 Seminar Gaps and Interruptions. Exhibition Laboratory Helsinki. Together with Henna-Riikka Halonen, Minna Heikinaho and Anni Laakso. 25.11.

2016 Lecture performance ''Sense of Politics'' at the Tallinna Arthall followed by discussion with Tanel Rander. 30.9.

2016 Artistic Presentation at NSU Winter symposium, Eduarda Smiļģa Teātra Muzejs, Riga, Latvia, 17.-20.3.

2016 Artis Talk at the Gallery Optica - Center for Contemporary Art, Montréal. 23.1.

2015 Artistic presentation at NSU Winter symposium, Kanuti Gildi Saal, Tallinn, Estonia 26.-29.3.

2014 MoKS meetings: Jaana Kokko in conversation with Rebeka Põldsam. Y gallery, Tartu. 19.11.

2014 Artistic presentation at NSU Winter Symposium, Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, Arts Education department, Vilnius. 27.2.-02.03.

2013 Sadam-Satama-Port artistic presentation at NSU Winter Symposium, Reykjavik, Island. 14.-17.2.

2012 Introduction to what is Political – The Reading Circle.
Cumulus Northern World Mandate, Helsinki, Finland. 24.-26.5.

2011 Miten tätä elämää olisi elettävä? How should one live this life? Taiteen ja politiikan rajapinnoilla -seminaari 17.10. Lapin yliopisto, Rovaniemi, Finland.

2011 Thoughts on anarchism at the Symposium "to have / to own", 23.–25.9. Vaasa City Hall, Chamber Music Room, Vaasa, Finland.

2008 Artist Talk Jaana Kokko & Hannu Karjalainen, Corner house, Cinema 1, Manchester, UK. 15.7.

Public Collections

2011 Botkyrka Konsthall// Botkyrka Kommun, Sweden
2006 The State Art collection, Finland
2005 Arabianranta, Helsinki. Public art – A Public photo triptych in a house of
2001 Women of Left Alliance, Finland.
1999 Helmi ry, Helsinki, Finland.


Artist association of Finland/ Artist Association MUU
Kuvasto – Copyright organization of Visual artists
AV-Arkki– Finnish distribution center for media-art
The Helsinki Ooppera Skaala (Contemporary Finnish opera)
The Artists at Cable Factory
Kiila ry



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Grants, prizes and residencies

2020 Avek, Grant for Scriptwriting.
2020 Linnamon Säätiö, Grant for Production
2020-2025 Artist Grant, Taike, Arts Council Finland
2020 Production Grant, Taike, Arts Council Finland
2019 1-year artist grant, Taike, Arts Council Finland
2018 5-months artist grant, Taike, Arts Council Finland
2018 Avek, Educational support
2018 Avek, Cultural Export (translation)
2018 Finnish Film Foundation, travel grant
2017 Grant for Scriptwriting, Avek
2017 Production Grant, Arts Council Finland
2016 Production Grant, Avek
2016 Year grant, Kone Foundation
2015 Production Grant, Arts Council Finland
2015 Year grant, Kone Foundation
2014 Residency at Moks, Mooste, Estonia
2014 Residency at Ptarmigan, Tallinn, Estonia
2014 Production Grant, Avek
2014 Production Grant, Avek
2014 Year grant, Kone Foundation
2013 Travel grant, Avek
2013 Production Grant, Avek
2013 Production Grant, Visek
2013 Production Grant, Arts Council Finland
2013 Travel grant, Kone Foundation
2013 Year grant, Kone Foundation
2012 Hetta residency, Kauko Sorjonen Foundation
2012 Avek (Center to promote Audio-visual culture, Finland)
2012 Jury Selection, Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo
2011 Frame-Fund Finland
2011 Avek - (Center to promote Audio-visual culture, Finland) – Production Grant
2011 Arts Council Finland, Grant for Media Art
2011 Honkahovi Art Prize
2010 Avek (Center to promote Audio-visual culture, Finland) – Grant for travelling
2010 Avek (Center to promote Audio-visual culture, Finland) – Grant for Scriptwriting
2010 Arts Council of Finland, Grant for Photo Art
2009 Arts Council of Finland, Grant
2009 Arts Council of Finland, Travel Grant to Canada
2009 Arts Council Finland, Grant for Media Art
2008 Avek (Center to promote Audio-visual culture, Finland) – Grant for Media-Art
2008 The Finnish Cultural Foundation, Artist Grant
2008 Arts Council Finland, Grant for Publication
2008 Arts Council Finland, Grant for Media Art
2007 Arts Council of Finland, Travel Grant to Russia
2007 Arts Council of Finland, Grant for Photography project
2007 Frame-Fund (Finnish Fund for Art Exhange)
2007 Avek (Center to promote Audio-visual culture), Grant for Scriptwriting
2007 Art Council of North-Carelia. Grant (Kokko+Timonen)
2007 Visek, (The Promotion Centre for Visual Arts)
2006 Sleipnir, Nordic Institute For Contemporary Art, Travel Grant
2006 The Cultural Foundation of Uusimaa and Arts council of Finland – Grants (Group) for
group exhibition Counter Narratives (Rinne,Kaila+)
2006 Avek (Center to promote Audio-visual culture) – Grant for Media-Art
2006 Frame (Finnish Fund for Art Exhange)
2006 Arts council Finland and Artists association of Finland – Grant for a Residence
2005 Arts Council of Uusimaa, Artist Grant
2005 Avek (Center to promote Audio-visual culture, Finland), Grant for Scriptwriting
2005 Sleipnir, Nordic Institute For Contemporary Art, Travel Grant
2005 Visek, (The Promotion Centre for Visual Arts),
2004 Itu – A competition, grant and course for scriptwriting (Av-Arkki, Muu ry, Arts
council of Finland)
2004 Avek (Center to promote Audio-visual culture, Finland), Grant for Media Art
2003 The Cultural Foundation of Uusimaa, Finland, Grant (Virkkunen, Puintila, Kokko, Berg)
2003 The Cultural Foundation of Finland, Grant (Group) for the group exhibition "Daily life"
2001 Visek (The Promotion Centre for Visual Arts), Grant (Nuutinen, Kokko)
2001 Avek (Center to promote Audio-visual culture, Finland) – Grant for Scriptwriting
2000 2. prize in a multimedia competition "Tiina" (Kokko-Pelo-Saarinen)