Modern Times (Transcription)

Modern Times Transcription / video-still 1

Video, 10 min 50 sec.
Year: 2006 (1982)

Videosingletape ”Modern Times (transcription)" soundtrack is from compact audio cassette dating from 1982.

At time time of the making the tape I was 10 years old and interviewing my mother and father with my best friend.

In the year 2006 I made a conseptual exploration into the structure of speech at the tape.

Interviewees: Taimi Kokko, Aaro Kokko
Interviewer: Jaana Kokko, Kaisu Mäki

Script, edit, video, sound: Jaana Kokko
Soundscript: Jaana Kokko, Kaisu Mäki (Cacophony 1982)
Transcription: Vilma Martikainen
Sound edit: Christer Nuutinen
Translation: Sarka Hantula

Scene: Kunstverein Freiburg 2006
Premiere: Kerava artmuseum, 28.8.2006
Financial support: Arts council Finland (Grant for residence)