Haven / Satama / Sadam

Videostill Haven 2014

Jaana Kokko 2015
Sadam – Satama – Haven
29 min
HD-video, stereo sound

The experimental documentary Haven (filmed in Tallinn, Estonia) draws on the simplicity of everyday life and the politics of a woman’s body and her work in a present-day post-socialist, neoliberal society.

The film begins with black and white photographs that I took in 1999 in the fishing harbour of Tallinn, capturing a woman’s dream to build her own house out of bricks from the ruins of Soviet factories. (I found out only later that director Andrei Tarkovsky had filmed the opening scenes of his film Stalker in the same place in 1979).

Diana Paschkovich
Tairi Tuulik
Eleonora Shljanda
Ludmilla Akulina
Valierija Videvik
Helgi Asi

Jarkko Virtanen

Production Co-ordinator:
Diana Paschkovich

Model of the Kitchen:
Janne Virkkunen

English Translation:
Tairi Tuulik
Diana Paschkovich
Mai Sööt
Oliver Whitehead

Color Grading:
Jaakko Rinne

Post-production Sound:
Joonatan Hietanen

Director, Editor, Producer, Location Sound:
Jaana Kokko

Financial Support:
Kone Foundation
Avek – Elena Näsänen

Many Thanks to:
Women and Children of Helgi Asi's Gymnastic Groups

Special Thanks to:
Liina Siib
Hito Steyerl