The Forest is Young and Full of Life

The Forest is Young and Full of Life

The Forest is Young and Full of Life




‘The Forest Is Young and Full of Life’ is a film which consists of parallel conversations representing different perspectives. The conversations take place on a beach, in a house and in a museum.

The fictive and factual material weave together to form a whole that sheds light on urban people’s relationship to animals, nature and the built environment. Deforestation is one of the world’s biggest problems.

Our relationship to nature has changed. People are the sum of their environments. The film asks:
how should one live this life (in relation to the living)?

The name of the film is taken from an Italian opera by Luigi Nono, which has a libretto consisting of political text extracts.


Girl 1: Iris Séraphin
Girl 2: Alice Jäske
Woman/ Journalist: Outi Vuoriranta
Road worker/ Man/ Botanist:: Jussi Lehtonen
Photographer at the Museum: Lars-Erik Larsson
Cat (Misteli)


Director, Writer, Editor and Producer: Jaana Kokko
Camera: Jarkko Virtanen
Camera in Fittja: Martin Jäger
Color Grading: Jaakko Rinne
Location and Post-production Sound: Samy Kramer
Production Co-ordinator: Paula Koivunen
English Translation: Milla Kontkanen